Milk Substitutes for Those Who Are Lactose IntolerantMilk Substitutes for Those Who Are Lactose Intolerant

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Milk Substitutes for Those Who Are Lactose Intolerant

I absolutely love milk. Because I drink this delicious, refreshing beverage every day, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Unfortunately, some people are lactose intolerant. Therefore, they can’t safely drink traditional milk from a cow. Thankfully, many tasty substitutes to cow’s milk exist. Almond milk is one of my favorite alternative’s to cow’s milk. Many people also enjoy the texture and taste of soy milk, hazelnut milk, rice milk, coconut milk, and oat milk. On this blog, I hope you will discover the joy of specialty foods. Even if you or a friend can't enjoy the "real thing," there are plenty of foods left to enjoy.


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Primitive Happiness: 2 Reasons Why Your Paleo Diet Needs A Dessert Menu

Changing your nutritional habits is often a personal decision that isn't related to disease or fatigue but is inspired by a desire to consume fewer processed foods or to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you choose to eat foods approved on a paleo diet, you may believe that you're limited in the variety of dishes you can purchase or prepare.

Living the paleo lifestyle doesn't mean that you can never have desserts again. Instead, you should feel free to indulge in "sweets" that are made the paleo way. Here are two important reasons why:

Desserts are part of enjoying life

For many people, the motivation to consume foods from a paleo diet stems from the desire to access the benefits of a simpler time. Not only do you eat foods that primitive humans ate when you are living the paleo way, but you may also take steps to reduce the stresses of modern existence by turning off your phone in your down time or shutting off artificial lights in the evenings. 

Denying yourself sweets can be a stressor in itself, especially if you have always enjoyed a slice of cake or a handful of cookies before you went full paleo. Rather than longing hopelessly for those toothsome treats, you should enjoy paleo versions of your favorite desserts to reward yourself now and then. It's good for your spirits, and that's powerful stress relief right there.

Sweet treats will help you stick to your diet

Some purists may worry that desserts weren't on the primitives' menu, but that is simply not true. Berries, honey, and fruit were consumed by our ancient ancestors, and these ingredients are only some of the sweet treats you are allowed to incorporate into your meal plans.

If you allow yourself to occasionally enjoy a paleo dessert like cauliflower pudding or fruit sushi, you won't feel deprived of your former sweet indulgences. This can give you the incentive to stick with the paleo program when you feel discouraged. You'll also be less likely to abandon paleo "just for the day" when you have birthdays or other special occasions to celebrate.

You can have your cake and eat it too on a paleo diet as long as you follow the guidelines on ingredients to avoid. Many recipes are available online and in published recipe books for desserts you can make without grains, legumes, processed sugars, dairy, or seed and vegetable oils. If you don't have the time or expertise to prepare your own paleo desserts, order delicious versions of sweet treats from specialty food shops catering to gluten-free and paleo diets.

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